Monday, February 13, 2012

Holy Valentine Batman!

I always like to get creative for my son's Valentine's cards. His school also allows us to send treats which adds another fun element! When he was younger, I thought it would be nice if I let him make the Valentine's cards. On his own. By hand.

Now I save us both the trouble, and make them myself pending his approval. All I ask is that he sign his name, and we're both happy! We save the handmade Valentines for family members like Daddy and Grandma.

While browsing the web for ideas, I came across this super cute idea from Zakka Life. Alex is a huge fan of Batman so I decided to tweak it a little and make his superhero lollipops a bit more specific. Then I found this fabulous 3D Valentine card on Tip Junkie, and an idea was born!

Presenting a 3D Batman Valentine's Card! Perfect for boys!

I've created a printable template for these. Not that it's going to be useful to anyone the NIGHT before Valentine's but there's always next year, right?

Supplies needed:
Template printouts

How to make:

1. Print out the card, the batman masks, and the cityscape.
2. Cut out the cityscape by cutting along the outside of the each, leaving all of the tabs attached.  There are 9 per page. The tabs are just like the ones you would find on a paper doll. Fold the tabs on each cityscape along the white dotted lines for the 3D effect. 

3. Place one piece of tape (about an inch long) along the two tabs on each side, next to the folded crease.  Don't tape over the middle crease! Place a smaller piece of tape on the bottom tab.

Cut out the cards - there are two per page. I had Alex sign the back of each card.

5. Line up the middle crease on the folded tab to the edge of the cityscape printed on the card and tape it down. Follow this step for all the tabs. Tape down the other side, as well as the bottom tab.

6. Cut out the batman masks and wrap around the lollipops and tape in back.

7. Tape your batman lollipops inside the cityscape pocket you've created and you're done!

Voila! Have a great Valentine's Day!
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evitagen2891 said...

I like it... the card came out pretty good. Creativity at its finest!

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