Monday, February 20, 2012

Marvelous Mondays!

I know, I know, Monday isn't even remotely marvelous. It's the depressing, mind-numbing start to the week. All the fun you had over the weekend means nothing when it's time to get up early and face five days of hustling back and forth. The alarm sounds almost smug when it goes off. If you work at home and you have kids, it's a guarantee that they'll be whiny and uncooperative. If you work in an office, then as soon as you trudge in on a Monday morning, your coworkers are going to want to actually talk to you. Loudly and cheerfully. They'll say things like "Hey there!" and "Good morning!" (whoever coined that phrase was an idiot). You won't even have time to reach for a cup of coffee before your boss starts asking about that thing you were supposed to do last week but happily blew off because it was 3:30 on a Friday afternoon and Monday seemed light years away.

"Happy Monday! Sincerely, Your Problems."

The only way to survive a dreadful case of the Mondays is to find something that makes you happy. Do something nice for yourself. Buy those shoes you've been eying for two weeks. Treat yourself to dessert after lunch. Laugh at a coworker behind their back. Whatever makes you feel good. And one thing that makes me feel good is free printables! So every week, on Marvelous Mondays, I will be serving one up to you.

This week's free printable comes courtesy of the games night we had this weekend. The theme was Minute To Win It. Have you seen this show? It's hilarious. Contestants have to complete various tasks in 60 seconds or less. I came across the idea for a couples Minute To Win It night over at Dating Divas.  You can find a huge list of the games on the NBC website. It gives you an explanation of each game and how to play. And the game supplies are easy to find items, like cups, eggs, cans, pizza boxes. I encourage you to have some friends over and throw a Minute To Win It party yourself. So much fun!

Here's the invitation that I emailed to everyone:

I created cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, and a banner. Gotta have ambiance!

Here are our three teams:

Team Levelz!

Team Limitless!

Team Big Dealz!
You'll want to invite people that are competitive and don't mind making fools of themselves, hehe. And these three teams were extremely competitive. All week long everyone was trying to get me to tell them what games they would be playing so they could practice!

The first challenge was the Breakfast Scramble: Put together pieces of a cereal box like a puzzle.

 Next up was Defying Gravity - keeping balloons off  the floor by tapping them.

The next game is called A Bit Dicey - balancing six dice on the end of a popsicle stick held in your mouth:

Not as easy as it looks!

Next was Egg Roll - using an unopened pizza box to fan eggs across the room.

At some point Lil Baby decided to join us.
Who needs sleep when there's games and pretty girls downstairs?

I only picked a few games but next time I'll choose more - everyone really got into it! The bonus round was my favourite part of the night. I found a hilarious M&M math challenge on Pinterest, created by Stacy.

I had to tweak mine a bit because I couldn't find Pixy Stix anywhere! So I replaced it with a little container of sugar. Contestants had to bite the ends off the red vine, dump the sugar into the circle, use the red vine to blow the sugar out of the circle, open the Hershey's kiss one-handed, arrange the m&ms into the circles, and complete the math equation.

No one was able to do this in under a minute!
By the way, I am terrible at math and had no idea what the correct answer for the equation should be. Don't judge me! And each team got three different answers, so we were kind of at a loss, haha. If you're a math genius, feel free to leave a comment and shed some light for us. Head over to Stacy's blog if you want to download a pdf of this challenge.

So that was our Minute To Win It night. We're definitely doing it again, and I think you should try it too. I've created a set of printables for you to plan your own night. You can either print the invitations and write in the date and location, or use your photo editing software to add the details.

Download the full set here.

Happy Monday!

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wechess said...

Sweet!!!! I'm preparing for a games night now! This is passed excellent! Thanks for the idea...

Kristine said...

Glad to hear it! Let me know how it went :)

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Looks like such a fun night Kristine! Congrats on your brand new blog! You go girl! Angie xo

Attaz said...

It was a great time and well laid out!! ah jus bere fo'wad yuh zimmie!

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