Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Time for Laundry

It's my first blog post!

I'm excited because I finally did it. I've been talking about writing a blog for years and kept making excuses and putting it off. At first it was for lame reasons: I didn't know what to write about, I didn't know what to name my blog, I couldn't decide what colour the font should be.

At the end of the work day I just felt like vegging out on Facebook instead of being all productive and writey and stuff. And now I have good reasons: like a seven week old baby who doesn't believe in sleeping longer than two hours. And a five year old that needs a lot of attention. Then there's a husband who expects to be entertained. And that laundry isn't exactly going to fold itself.

But finally at 1am on a Wednesday morning, it happened. The three boys in my life are all asleep at the same time. I found a name for my blog. I picked a font colour! (I went with classic black, do you like?) The dishes are done. The Facebook news feed is slow. And the laundry...well it's not folded, but I did think about it, which is more progress than I made yesterday. So here I am.

I'm not sure what the main subject of my blog posts will be. There are so many things I could write about - my kids, my writing career, my love for all things crafty and for throwing parties. Maybe a mixture of everything. I'd like to think that people can visit my blog for fun, inspired ideas and a little bit of laughter. So sometimes I will post instructions on how to throw a Buzz Lightyear birthday party, and other times I will post about how much I hate ironing. And folding laundry.

The important thing is, I'm writing. So thanks for reading :)