Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer is coming

Do you hear that? That roar in the distance? It is the sound of the horde thundering toward us.

That's right. The school year is hurtling to an end. Are you ready for it? I'm not either. We're going to have to find ways to occupy our children for two months, aka eternity.

My son was home for a week during March break, and by the end of it I was just about ready to lose my mind. I had watched countless movies, gone on several outings, listened to hundreds of stories about pirates and spiders and dragons, gritted my teeth through tantrums and constant whining, and said the word "No" about 1700 times. If you have kids, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. We love them. But too much time together isn't good for anyone. And that's the threat that summer brings.

And it's only 7am.

My five year old is the kind of kid that needs to be occupied. He likes to be noticed and acknowledged and he needs me to know that he had some juice, that he jumped across the room, that he found one of his old trains, that he ate a goldfish, that he finished his lunch, that he took a sip of water, that he washed his hands, pretty much goes on like that. Endlessly. Mommy look at me is the soundtrack of my life, and the only way to put it on pause is to give him stuff to do and take him places.

A trip to the local splash pad, the park and lunch at McD's can turn what would have been a hellish morning into a nice way to spend 4-5 hours. A walk around the neighborhood, exploring nature, can help him get rid of some built-up energy. A fun craft can give me20 minutes of silence. So I have all sorts of things planned over the summer to keep these little ones happy and busy and I'm hoping to share some of them with you peeps!

Anyhoo, summer is definitely on its way, and we have to at least pretend we're happy about it, right? And my new summer countdown printable is perfect for that. I used digital scrapbooking elements created by Kate from Just So Scrappy.

Print it, put it in a frame, and use a dry erase marker to count down the days. Your kids don't need to know that you're screaming inside. That's what vodka is for.

Download my summer countdown printable here!


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LMAO! Love it girlie :-)

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