Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I haven't been updating as much as I want to, because I've been vegging out and watching TV busy and stressed out lately. My brain has been so fried. I'm egg-xausted. I'm almost cracking under the pressure! Alright, that's enough. But I'm back with a very eggy post!

I made a neat little Easter printable this week for a good friend of mine. Beth and I share a common love for mommyhood, HBO's Game of Thrones, and an appreciation for the deliciousness that is Shemar Moore.


She's made it her mission lately to take Lil Boy off my hands several times over the past few weeks, and allowing me to enjoy some quiet time and a reprieve from the 770 "Mommy look"s I get each day. Beth, you're awesome!

So as a little thank you, I picked up some chocolate eggs, put them in an egg carton, and created this message:

If you'd like to give an Easter treat to one of your favorite peeps next year, you can download the card here.

Lil Boy and I also did the 'float or sink' eggs-periment this week! We've done it several tines before but he never gets tired of it.

You'll need a few glasses of warm water, salt, baking soda, oil, and any other ingredient you can think of to add to the water. (Cute baby is optional)

Lil Boy decided he needed to wear his Jack Sparrow shirt for this. Whatever floats his boat!

If you add enough salt to the water the egg will float to the top. We experimented with different amounts of salt too, to see if we could get the egg to float halfway.

After a while Lil Boy lost interest and ran off to pillage the high seas, so I started my Easter project - an egg wreath! I came across the idea here and thought it was super cute!

I used an empty diaper box (no shortage of those around here!) for the base. Using two plates of different sizes to measure, I cut out a circle.

Then I hot glued two layers of plastic eggs to the base.


I then filled the spaces with Easter grass. I could have used glue but it wasn't necessary - the spaces were small enough to hold the grass in place.

I added a purple ribbon and my Easter wreath was all done! The cost of the materials was less than $10, so it was cheap enough to throw out after Easter was done. However, I found an awesome use for the leftover plastic eggs: a phonics learning tool!

I came across a math version of this on Pinterest and decided to modify it using phonics and rhyming words instead.

Feel free to steal any of my ideas for your next Easter festivities. Hope you had a great holiday weekend!
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